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Minor Surgeries

Express Family Clinic

Family Practice located in Allen, TX

If you need minor surgery, such as an ingrown toenail removal or hemorrhoid treatment, there’s no need to go to a busy, expensive hospital. Many of the same minor surgeries can be performed in a safe and sterile environment at the Express Family Clinic in Allen, Texas. Sunil Modi, MD and Pradeep Parihar, MD have the expertise, experience, and dedication to provide you with comfortable, compassionate treatment in a quicker, more intimate setting. If you need minor surgery, call or book an appointment online today.

Minor Surgeries Q & A

What is minor surgery?

While significant surgery may involve entering a body cavity, organ removal, or altering anatomy, minor surgery only requires an incision in the skin, mucous membranes, or connective tissue. Little risk is involved in minor surgery, and it’s considered more of a superficial procedure since it’s performed on the surface of or just under the skin.

No anesthesia is required for minor surgery; however, Dr. Modi or Dr. Parahar may administer a local anesthetic or provide another pain management option to ensure your comfort during the procedure.

What minor surgeries are offered?

At Express Family Clinic, Dr. Modi and Dr. Parihar offer the following minor surgeries:

  • Incision and drainage
  • Joint injections, including trigger point injections
  • Foreign body removal
  • Hemorrhoid treatment
  • Ingrown toenail removal
  • Pap smear
  • Splinting

If you have a bothersome health issue that can be solved with minor surgery, there’s no need to keep putting it off. Express Family Clinic provides a safe and convenient environment for minor surgery, allowing you to return home shortly after the procedure.

How long does minor surgery take?

Most minor surgeries take about 15-30 minutes. Some of the more complex minor surgeries can take up to an hour or more. This time frame is considerably better than waiting weeks for an appointment at a surgical center or sitting in a hospital emergency room.

As their name implies, the team at Express Family Clinic provides top-notch care and compassion for you and your family’s needs promptly.

How long is recovery from minor surgery?

Generally, minor surgery does not require a long recovery, especially when compared to major surgery. For some procedures, you may need minimal observation; for others, you may need to take it easy for 24-48 hours.

What are the benefits of going to a local clinic for minor surgery?

There are many benefits to visiting Express Family Clinic instead of a hospital for your surgical procedure, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Short recovery time
  • No expensive overnight hospital stays
  • The convenience of going to a local, board-certified physician
  • Safe and sterile environment

The team at Express Family Clinic is the best in the business and will treat your minor surgery with the utmost care. Please call now or book your appointment online.