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The doctors at Express Family Clinic offer vaccinations such as boosters and flu shots to their patients of all ages who reside in Allen, Texas, and the surrounding communities.

Vaccinations Q & A

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Why Are Vaccines Important?

Vaccines protect a person from contracting some serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. While a healthy immune system is able to fight off viruses and bacteria that can attack the body, there are some illnesses that the body struggles to fight off on its own, resulting in a serious bout of illness, if contracted. Additionally, vaccines have resulted in the eradication of several childhood diseases and have made formerly common ailments very rare. Vaccines are typically required for a child’s admission to public school as well as most sporting teams and extracurricular activities. Vaccines protect not just the health of the individual, but also the community.

How Do Vaccines Work?

A vaccine provides the body with a weakened and controlled sample of a virus, which then stimulates the body to create antibodies to the virus. Once this occurs, the body is prepared to fight off the virus if exposed to it in the future. Most vaccines will not cause an illness in a child or an adult and will last for the lifetime of the patient. However, others last for several years but will require a booster around puberty or early adulthood. The flu vaccine is unique each year and is needed at the start of each flu season.

Will Vaccines Make My Child Sick?

Some children experience a low-grade fever after a vaccination, but vaccines will not make your child ill. Vaccines undergo rigorous testing and safety clearances before being released for public use. In rare cases, a child may be allergic to some vaccines. The doctors at Express Family Clinic will screen for potential allergies before providing vaccinations. There is no scientific evidence that vaccinations cause autism or other developmental issues.

Which Immunizations Does My Child Need?

The doctors at Express Family Clinic will provide you with information on the vaccines your child needs and the suggested delivery schedule. Other good resources for information about vaccination schedules are the Center for Disease Control website and your local school district. Your child will be required to have a series of vaccinations completed when he or she starts school.

Accepted Insurance Providers

Express Family Clinic accepts all major insurances including United Health Care(UHC), Aetna, Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS), and most Marketplace plans. We also offer very competitive self-pay, out-of-pocket plans. Please call our office for more information.

Cook Children's Health Plan
Medicare Advantage
MultiPlan / PHCS
Texan Plus
United Healthcare

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